Salsa I

This group class provides the beginner with basic Salsa footwork, shines, and partner patterns. Lessons help beginners to internalize Salsa timing and foot placement into muscle memory. Latin body movement, partner connection, and lead/follow cues are also introduced. In Salsa I, the emphasis is on 'clean' basics, a solid foundation for more complex choreography.

Salsa II

A group class for advanced beginners, Salsa II extends beginner patterns, footwork, and shines. Shine patterns are more complex. Partner patterns are more intricate and include variations to expand the leader's repertoire more rapidly. Ladies' styling is also addressed.

Salsa III

This small group class is designed for intermediate to advanced salseros. Shine and partner patterns are complex and varied. All students receive individualized attention to improve on styling, body movement, lead/follow cues, and partner connection. Salsa III also encourages appreciation of Salsa rhythms and how they translate into musicality in dance.